Downtown Bellevue

Meet the Neighborhood

Downtown Bellevue

There’s an energy and elegance to downtown Bellevue that’s entirely its own. And Bellevue Towers is in the heart of it. Located on the corner of 4th and 106th, Bellevue Towers is just a short walk to fine dining, luxury shopping, browsing boutiques on old Main Street, getting groceries, banking, or just soaking up serenity in the 20-acre Downtown Park.


While anyone can enjoy a great meal at the restaurants at Bellevue Towers, including Purple Café & Wine Bar and Lot No. 3, only residents can take advantage of all they have to offer. A fully catered party for friends and family. A phone call confirming your table is ready downstairs. Or a late-night snack delivered to your front door.


If shopping is your sport, there’s no better environment to sharpen your skills. Here, there’s no need to board a plane to head to New York or get in a car to search high and low. Bellevue Towers’ location affords you the ability to shop to your heart’s content all within a leisurely stroll.


Bellevue Towers has impressive neighbors, including the Bellevue Arts Museum and Downtown Park. Bellevue Downtown Park serves as Bellevue Towers’ backyard and each season offers exciting attractions, including a summer film series and a winter ice rink.


Walk this way. The Bellevue Towers neighborhood is the very definition of a walkable community. Our Walk Score of 91 (out of 100) means easy access to the area’s finest shops, restaurants, and services. It also means a positive impact on our environment, health, and community.