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Bellevue Towers

Resident Interview: Scott and Deena Ferris

What makes Bellevue Towers special?

Bellevue Towers is ideally located within an easy distance of all that downtown Bellevue has to offer. Its North & South Tower personality and perspective are very unique. The quality level of its community rooms and decor afford owners a feeling of exclusivity and class.

Why did you choose Bellevue Towers over other residential properties?

We chose Bellevue Towers for its location and style. The quality of construction and amenities has the right balance of functionality and design. We also enjoy and respect our LEED status as the first approved residential building in Bellevue.


Describe your perfect day at home.

Yoga in the morning, a stroll to the park to walk our dog, or a visit to the farmer’s market for dinner treats. We often will walk to take in a movie or wine and dine at one of our favorite restaurants.

Favorite time of day when you’re at home, and why?

Late afternoon to enjoy the views of the Cascade Mountains.

Name a few of your favorite eateries and shops nearby, and why.

We enjoy the fresh and exotic flavors of Wild Ginger, and are regulars at SeaStar, Cantinetta, Pearl, and Ruth Chris. Bellevue offers a full array of culinary experiences for dim sum, brunch, lunch, outdoor dining, and awesome happy hours throughout the city.

Is there a hidden gem to Bellevue that you’ve discovered, something that often gets overlooked?

Bellevue Park is overlooked. It is a wonderful, aesthetically pleasing, and functional park. It is a brief, brisk walk and can efficiently achieve all of one’s city escapes – all on foot. The Green way.