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Bellevue Towers

Resident Interview: Nancy and Surinder Singh

What makes Bellevue Towers special?

When my husband and I decided we would retire and set up our home in the Seattle area so I could care for my aging parents, we started looking in Seattle near their home. After living in suburban and urban areas in New York, Hong Kong, Boston, Madrid, and Bangalore, India, we knew we wanted the convenience of living in a pedestrian-friendly city with lots of amenities within walking distance. We didn’t love what we found in Seattle. The downtown area was too congested. The nicer neighborhoods still required a car to do most errands. We turned to Bellevue. Once we decided on Bellevue, there wasn’t another condominium project that came close to what Bellevue Towers had to offer.

Why did you choose Bellevue Towers over other residential properties?

The Towers were being constructed when we first found the project. We looked at the model, we perused the floor plans, and we finally took a hard-hat tour. Having our entire unit on one floor was a must, but the addition of a private garden to enjoy, expansive windows to take in the Northwest light, the emphasis on eco-friendly utilities and practices, and the opportunity to meet neighbors with similar values were all very strong reasons for choosing Bellevue Towers.

Nancy and Surinder Singh

Describe your perfect day at home.

Our day starts with walking into our light-filled kitchen and brewing a great cup of coffee. We have turned our “den” into an office space. Despite being retired, we find we spend a great deal of time at our computers. California Closets designed a beautiful, functional, and space-saving shared desk space where our dueling iMacs sit side by side. After catching up on the day, we enjoy going downstairs to the cardio or weight rooms for exercise. After breakfast, we do as many errands as we can by walking in town. We feel very strongly about patronizing locally owned and operated businesses.

On a sunny day, we enjoy sitting on our back patio sipping a glass of our favorite Washington or Oregon wines and putting a beautiful fillet of wild-caught Alaskan salmon or halibut on the grill. A perfect day at home.

Favorite time of day when you’re at home, and why?

Morning coffee, with the hustle of young people going off to work or school, deliveries being made to local businesses, knowing we are sitting in our easy chairs enjoying the world turn. Even though we no longer do the daily corporate grind, it is nice to see it in action from a distance. We also love the way high-tech businesses like Microsoft, Expedia, and others have populated the city with a great cross-section of the world. On any given day, I see at least four or five different nationalities on the streets and in our own building. This is the world I was preparing my children for, and it’s lovely to see it blossoming here.

Name a few of your favorite eateries and shops nearby, and why?

Since we are retired, we have many, but we are creatures of habit too. So here are a few of our favorites and why:

  • For coffee and pastry: Belles on Main Street after an early morning walk in the park.
  • For breakfast: Brief Encounter on Bellevue Way because they truly make an omelet the way you want it made and they do it with a smile.
  • For lunch: Café Via Vita on NE 10th because they have a killer chicken potpie in the winter and salads and sandwiches to entice whenever you please, plus they have a good selection of wines from France at affordable prices by the glass.
  • For happy hour: Purple Café & Wine Bar right downstairs or El Gaucho around the corner, especially in the summer months when they both have outdoor seating.
  • For dinner, lunch, and happy hours: Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar. This is by far our favorite restaurant in Bellevue or Seattle and our gourmet sanctuary. The choices are abundant, the food always delicious, and the service friendly and elegant. Best bar atmosphere and best bartenders in town. Best food in town. Best servers in town. And best sushi in town, too. It is so nice to see how John Howie and Seastar give back to our community through their charitable activities. This is a business we want to support. What more could you want in a neighborhood business?

Is there a hidden gem to Bellevue that you’ve discovered, something that often gets overlooked?

Café Via Vita because it is relatively new to Bellevue in an area that is not yet highly populated, but consistently serves some of the best most affordable meals in town. It may struggle to find its place in a town that has so many good options for food and drink, but this one deserves a second look. And it’s walkable, just down 106th Street to 10th Avenue NE.