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Bellevue Towers

Resident Interview: Jed Darland

What makes Bellevue Towers special?

The developers of Bellevue Towers have created a truly unique and special residential building in the heart of downtown Bellevue. Of the residential towers I’ve visited, I believe Bellevue Towers is the most luxurious, modern, and well-conceived building in the Pacific Northwest. The staff and management of Bellevue Towers keep things running smoothly and go out of their way to make the downtown residence feel like home.

Why did you choose Bellevue Towers over other residential properties?

Bellevue Towers was an easy choice for me when I made the decision to move back to the Pacific Northwest. As a designer and having studied architecture in college, I have discriminating taste in construction and design. Before making my decision, I toured all the available properties in the area and decided this was the best choice for me. I found the perfect condominium and didn’t hesitate to secure it.

Describe your perfect day at home.

Since I work from home, I appreciate when the weather cooperates and I can work from my terrace. Living and working downtown means being close to everything, so walking to errands or to the downtown park for a stroll or just a cruise around the downtown core is a pleasure. Having time to enjoy the spa down the hall is a huge bonus.

Favorite time of day when you’re at home, and why?

The light that shines into my condo near sunset throughout the year is an amazing sight. Even when it is cloudy there’s a chance the sun will peek out from below as it nears the horizon. During the winter, the low sun throughout the day beams through my wall of windows and sets my entire living space aglow.

Name a few of your favorite eateries and shops nearby, and why?

Bill the Butcher is a fun place to drop in on, as they offer a wide range of delicious cuts of meat that you won’t necessarily find in your grocer’s cooler. Pasta & Co. has me dropping in to try their delicious samples of cheeses, olives, and prepared salads. They offer a wonderful variety of fresh and delicious food ready to eat and excellent to keep in the fridge at home. Another favorite is the Bellevue Farmer’s Market twice a week during the summer for a wide variety of culinary treasures.

Is there a hidden gem to Bellevue that you’ve discovered, something that often gets overlooked?

During the summer, try on a triathlete’s training wheels and take a quick bike ride from Bellevue Towers south on 108th Avenue to Enatai Beach Park. From there, rent a buoyant conveyance at Cascade Canoe & Kayak and paddle the Mercer Slough to the dock by the pedestrian bridge. Secure your boat and hike over the pedestrian bridge to the Bellefield Trial at the Mercer Slough Nature Park. Big bonus if you can time your adventure for when the blackberries on the slough are ripe. After the first week in August, Bill Pace’s Fruit and Produce is just a short hike in the other direction where you can pick your own fruit. Don’t have a bike to complete the first leg? Rentals are available at Gregg’s Cycle just a couple blocks from Bellevue Towers. Remember to have fun, and always tip your server, but never your canoe.