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Bellevue Towers

Our Website

Realty Trust City is pleased to provide this website as a resource to Bellevue Towers owners and residents, as well as real estate professionals and the Bellevue community.

About Realty Trust City

Realty Trust City, the original listing broker for Bellevue Towers, has deep roots in the Northwest. An affiliate of full-service brokerage firm Realty Trust Group, we are locally-owned and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with offices in Portland, OR and Bellevue, WA. We have marketed and sold over $2 billion in urban high-rise homes, a portfolio of 17 distinctive condominium and townhome projects consisting of over 2,500 units. You can learn more about Realty Trust City at

To learn more about available homes at Bellevue Towers, we encourage you to contact your broker or click on the link below to visit the separate availability website.


Note: Availability website is unaffiliated with