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Bellevue Towers

Model Home Collection

We are excited to share our new model home collection.

Featured below is model home 2702 located on the 27th floor of the South Tower. This 2,120 square foot home has 2 bedrooms plus a den and 2.5 baths with views of Lake Washington and downtown Seattle.

Please click here to view the complete collection.

Resident Interview: Omer and Valentina Qureshi

What makes Bellevue Towers special?

It’s hard to describe what makes Bellevue Towers special. It’s like an iPhone, the whole package is what makes you fall in love with the community. Bellevue Towers is made up of a perfect blend of green design combined with beautiful engineering and durability. It’s amazing the thoughtfulness Bellevue Towers takes every day to make each potential and existing resident feel comfortable. There is only one way to describe Bellevue Towers: genius customer service starting from sales agents to the moving coordinators to the daily pampering by the concierge desk. We have lived in various apartments and condos, but Bellevue Towers is very different, it just feels right, and we look forward to spending many years living in this great community.

Describe your favorite night on the town.

Our favorite night on the town would include taking a stroll to the downtown park, then going for coffee in one of many great cafes nearby and ending with a quiet dinner in one of the local restaurants. The location of Bellevue Towers is what makes all of this possible and convenient. We hardly ever have to use a car or worry about parking which means less time stuck in traffic and finding parking and more time for what matters most.

Why did you choose Bellevue Towers over other residential properties?

Location. Location. Location!!! We are a young family and it seems like life is always on the go. The location of Bellevue Towers makes urban living a joy and provides our family with the possibility of convenience.

Favorite Bellevue Towers amenity, and why?

It has to be the spa and workout facilities. After a long day at work or on a lazy weekend day, going to the sauna simply recharges the batteries for the week ahead.

Describe your perfect day at home.

A perfect day at home would consist of waking up late (the sound proofed windows keeps the city noise out), a quick workout and ending the day in the common areas reading the news and watching TV.

Describe your most memorable moment at Bellevue Towers.

The Halloween Trick or Treat party was amazing. It allowed for many families to get to know each other and for the kids to get their sugar rush and run around and make new friends.

Name a few of your favorite eateries and shops nearby, and why.

Cafe Ladro is the best place for morning coffee. Purple Cafe and Wine Bar has a wonderful atmosphere and lunch menu (not to mention the 15% discount card for Bellevue Towers residents). Blue Martini is our preference for happy hour and live bands.

What makes Bellevue Towers a great community?

The community is a great blend of various age groups and diverse backgrounds, almost like a melting pot, you always see new faces and meet wonderful people in the common areas. The concierge staff always caters to the needs of the residents and goes out of their way to make things convenient.