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Bellevue Towers

Resident Interview: Peter and Jeanne Luplow

What makes Bellevue Towers special?

The 4 C’s: Convenience. Community. Concierge. Coffee (everywhere!).

Why did you choose Bellevue Towers over other residential properties?

No comparison. The moment we walked into Bellevue Towers we knew this was the place. Everything was just so obviously a level above everything we had looked at in the area. And we did a lot of comparison…and there was no comparison!

Added bonus that we found out after we moved in was the convenience of commuting to downtown Seattle, since that is where we work. The downtown Seattle express bus picks you up in front of the South Tower Lobby entrance. Having never really commuted on a bus in the past, I was pleasantly surprised at the convenience.

Describe your perfect day at home.

A perfect day would entail having a cup of coffee overlooking the city of Bellevue followed by a workout downstairs and a walk to Bellevue Square mall or a movie at Lincoln Cinemas. We would end the night watching the sunset on our balcony (it doesn’t get any better than that)!

Favorite time of day when you’re at home, and why?

Hard question…to pick one. Right when we get home from work, just spending an easy evening relaxing together and enjoying a walk with our dog.

Name a few of your favorite eateries and shops nearby, and why.

There are so many choices, we haven’t even begun..all within a short walking distance. We love to meet friends right downstairs at Purple, Daniels (for something more special) and easy going everyday favorites at California Pizza Kitchen across the street. Every once in a while we sneak over to Cheesecake Factory when we HAVE to HAVE one of those special desserts. But we have just begun….

Is there a hidden gem to Bellevue that you’ve discovered, something that often gets overlooked?

We are runners and love to run around the area, it is safe, flat, scenic and just beautiful. And of course we always see some friends and neighbors…!